We love to help you design your dreams and ideas

We are a Teaching Studio, dedicated to guiding children and adults express their creativity in a visually centered open environment.
Each Workshop or Course is differentiated by category, popular demand, therapeutic outlet and even business events. No experience needed!

For example we offer ceramics workshops and working on the wheel; after school activities for children and youth; "Mom’s Day" is a fun concept where you come with the children and enjoy three hours of creativity and quality time with your children. (Special needs and ideas are catered to)
The “grownups” don't miss out either! You can sign up for a couple’s workshop or any other social event up to 25 people, schedule private or themed workshops and parties, or just come for some meditative expression. There is so much more, don’t miss all the details on the Workshop & Fairs page.

You can come to the studio, paint on ready burned clay and shop or enjoy some tea and cookies while it is burned again - becoming a useful souvenir or practical tool (dishwasher safe).

We provide all the tools needed, brushes, paints and of course a wheel, oven and drying racks. Please see the other pages for details on classes, courses, workshops and events.

The Studio is also open daily from 17:00-19:00 for free style work (without instruction).
You’re also invited to come and just enjoy our beautiful gallery. You might find the perfect gift for yourself or loved one. (It's never the wrong time to buy someone a present to make their day)
All gallery visits, classes, workshops, courses or events must be booked in advanced. 052-8997790

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